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We know that we can learn a lot from other verticals. So, when we learned that in 2011, the term Industry 4.0 was coined in the world of manufacturing. We were intrigued with the idea. The term represents a promise to create systems that communicate, analyze and use information to drive further intelligent action. How cool is that?


It made us stop and think about you, and the struggles that can come in your work. Struggles with staff turn-over and onboarding, struggles to manage a library of insights from multiple projects led by multiple market researchers. And struggles to capitalize on existing knowledge before spending more time, more effort and more dollars to learn what was already known.


Insights 4.0 promises to create a product that utilizes existing information and knowledge to a create comprehensive, new insights that can be communicated to drive further intelligent action. Designed to help you when you need it.


A systematic process with real results.

Based on our experience, our established process catalogs, assimilates and analyzes data across multiple sources into a cohesive story that addresses a specific question or need for your brand.  

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