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Here’s the deal, people can only tell you what they think they do and say.  Without actually observing their behavior, we simply have to take their word for it. “I always ask my patients about _________.” But do they really?  How can we know if their perception is reality?


There was a little voice in our heads that said, ”Hey you, are you paying attention? Don’t you know about default behaviors?  Don’t you think there is a better way to ask physicians what they say and do?” Well, we listened to that little (actually, rather big) voice and came up with an idea that would change the way we do research.

Encounter®  is a proprietary methodology that is based on the behavioral science principle of default behaviors. We all have default behaviors. You put your shoes on in the same order every day, without even thinking about it. Doctors have default behaviors too. Especially as it relates to their patient interactions and treatment decisions. Encounter takes advantage of default behaviors to give us a look behind the curtain.


​Better than the next best thing.

Hear and see physician — patient interactions as they unfold in a HIPAA compliant fashion.

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