2 insightful people + market research

= noteworthy results

How It All Began

It is likely that you have heard the classic love story plot,
Boy meets Girl. Boy and Girl start dating. Boy and Girl
start a company. Boy and Girl get married and live happier ever after.


Wait…that's not how it goes.


The story of Harper Global may not be a classical love story, but it is a love story nonetheless.

In the summer of 1996... 

Somewhere between Michigan and Ohio a young David and Tonya decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge and start a business together. David had been working as a qualitative researcher and account manager in the healthcare division of a mid-size market research company. Tonya had been a marketing and sales director for a regional real estate development company.

During this drive, they cast a vision of a market research company that would break the current mold.

  • Solely focus on creating and executing the absolute

    best qualitative research.

  • Specialize in research for the pharma/biotech/

    healthcare industries.

  • Aim for a different kind of supplier/client relationship

    — a true synergistic partnership; one that pushes

    each other to deliver the very best.

Fast forward 20+ years, and our Purpose remains the same…

To challenge the status quo through better, smarter, and more effective qualitative research that arms our clients with the best information and insights.

We are a team of highly skilled qualitative researchers who have a passion for research innovation that yields results and are driven to help their clients' move their brands forward.

We use qualitative research as a powerful tool that enables lasting connections between clients and their customers. Through deep exploration and understanding of why individuals believe, behave and feel the way they do, our clients are able to "walk in the shoes" of their customers to create products and services that generate true customer engagement.

Through the next 20 years... 

We will continue to innovate and discover new ways to optimize qualitative research methodologies for the deepest understanding of our respondents, and we will always look to improve the strategic collaboration we have with our clients.

If you would like to know more about how Harper Global can help you engage with your customers, please have a look around our website and contact us at any time.