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GET TO KNOW: Monica Nadeau

What do painting frescos in an Italian church, solving crimes in a forensic archeology lab, developing sexual health rehabilitation tools, and marketing research have in common? Monica Nadeau, of course! Monica brings a variety of education and experiences to Harper Global, making her a truly valuable team member.

Monica joined Harper Global recently as a strategist, focusing on data analysis and report writing. She was attracted to Harper Global because she could tell that Harper is a place that supports her growth as a researcher, and in turn, she can support Harper’s growth as a business. She enjoys pharmaceutical market research because “Pharmaceuticals have the power to change lives, ameliorate symptoms, and cure illnesses. This business speaks to me because our work can help get the word out about medicines that could hugely impact someone’s life.”

Monica says, “The best thing about my job is the constant learning. With each new drug or disease state I work on, I am challenged to learn a new framework for solving problems. The variation of business problems to solve keeps me on my toes and focused on ways to solve problems.” One of her favorite projects was five-phases of message development. “It was incredible to be involved from the start, knowing very little about the attitudes and opinions of the new population we were studying, to the end of the project, where we had developed messages targeted explicitly at that population.”

Her mantra is, “Loving myself helps me love others, and loving others helps me love myself.” That focus has successfully helped her face many life challenges. She now believes she is living the dream life she could once only imagine, which she now describes as “a vibrant life full of incredible friends, exciting hobbies, and a job that I love.” So, it is not surprising that a perfect day for Monica is spent working on her many hobbies (board games, theater, opera, travel, dining out, arts, scientific seminars, and more). On a typical evening, you can find her playing board games at a café or friend’s house. She reports that in 2022 (so far) she has played 122 unique games. She enjoys board gaming because it “challenges me to learn something new each time I play a new game and engages my social, creative, and strategic skills.”

In addition to board games, she also loves spending time with her Australian Cattle dog, Chloe. Monica says she can’t live without Chloe. “She is my lifesaver. Chloe is so sweet and loving. She shows me how to love others with actions, not just words. Not to mention, she’s done more for my executive function than any planner ever could. She wakes me up in the morning, takes me on four walks a day, and cuddles with me at night.”

And, if that weren’t enough, Monica has recently become interested in weightlifting and wants to continue developing her strength and beating her personal records.

Monica says of her work at Harper Global, “I feel like I am making a difference when I gather patient feedback on tools and marketing campaigns. My job allows me to give patients a voice in pharmaceuticals marketed to them, and their feedback helps shape company decisions to support their community better. I am grateful to work alongside companies that allow the community to be involved in decision-making regarding the medicines marketed to them.”

Oh, and painting the Italian church frescos? Part of her study abroad in Perugia, Italy, at the Umbra Institute, where she completed the Food and Sustainability Studies Program and learned about the history and culture surrounding Italian food and sustainable food practices.

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