The Joy of Doing "Business"

On my most recent business trip to Japan, the immigration official completed the entry card that is affixed to my passport for the duration of my stay. On closer examination, I noticed that he had listed my employer as Harper Globule – but I digress.

I have to confess right here that I have something of a fascination — nay, obsession with the wonderful world of Japanese automated bathroom fixtures. More specifically, I am drawn, all moth to flame-like, to the remarkable Toto Washlet S350e – that prince of computer-controlled toilet technology.

Prior to my ‘initiation’, I was a little intimidated by this washroom marvel that invitingly opens its lid as you approach and courteously and quietly warms its seat to insure that your repose is comfortable and without shock as you settle yourself.

Initially, the wondrous array of gender-specific buttons and commands on the adjacent key-pad made me nervous. It took multiple visits over several years before I summoned the courage to experiment with it’s multi-factorial and frankly contortionist ability to facilitate post-visit well-being.

What a revelation! What an inspiration! It changed my whole perspective around the “littlest room” experience and compelled me to seek-out and own such a life-changing device.

I cannot express my delight on discovering that I was able to purchase a Washlet S350e on Amazon (despite my wife thinking I’d bought some kind of obscure motorcycle) and will very soon be overcome with bathroom contentedness without having to traipse all the way to Tokyo for the pleasure!

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