Our client described the presentation as “powerful and moving” and “definitely something to be remembered and taken into consideration each time business decisions were being made.”

Engaging respondents, deeply connecting with them and understanding what they are going through when faced with a challenging disease is one of the most rewarding aspects of this career.

Our client came to us with the goal of understanding what it would be like to walk a mile in their patients’ shoes, patients who also happened to have a terminal illness.  We spent the next three months talking, texting, and visiting with these patients.  We heard about their families, friends, hobbies, and interests.  We found out where they came from, their hopes and dreams, and how the disease they were facing was woven into every aspect of their lives.


This project culminated with deliverables for both our client’s team and the respondents.  We created a personalized memento for each person who completed the study from the stories that shared with us.  For some it was a video of their friends, family, stories and favorites.  Others received customized coats of arms, handcrafted memento boxes, story books, personalized blankets, and more.  Each was a deeply personal tribute showcasing the things they love and cherish, their quotes and stories. 


For the client and his team, we created an interactive presentation that allowed the team to get deep and personal into everyone’s story.  They could take from the presentation, not only insights to help them make decisions for the product, but also physical and emotional remembrances from each participant.