The boring, but important things...

  • Must have direct experience
    in market research and/or marketing strategy (preferable
    in pharma/healthcare)

  • Must have experience developing, managing, and growing relationships with clients that results in revenue generation

  • Must be willing to travel at least 50% of the time (including internationally, so make sure your passport hasn’t expired)

  • Must have a BA/BS in marketing/business, an MBA
    or Master’s in MR is preferred

  • Must have demonstrated positive results and growth on a team or independently for at least 5 years

  • Must confidently self-identify as “techy” (or “tech geek” if you prefer) being able to comfortably navigate new software (especially MS Office), hardware, online platforms, and social media


Qualitative Research Strategist

Harper Global is a global insights company serving the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. We are a dynamic organization that thrives on creativity and delivering an amazing client experience on every project. All while having fun! Currently, we are looking for Qualitative Research Strategists to add to our growing team.

This is a fast-paced and dynamic environment, and we never shy away from a challenge. To thrive on our team, you must be comfortable and proficient at processing information, thinking critically, and producing results on short timelines. You must have excellent writing, speaking, presentation and communication skills and are able to work independently and collaborate as part of a team. Finally, you must be proficient at prioritizing the important along with the urgent as you will be expected to navigate multiple projects in various stages simultaneously while also executing on your personal goals and the team’s strategic plan toward growth. This means that focus and personal management are absolutely essential.

One of the key results you will be expected to deliver is an amazing client experience on every project. We want our clients to feel important, special and cared for. They must trust that we can uncover and communicate the insights they need to be successful.

You will also be expected to create, build, maintain and grow relationships with clients that result in growth for Harper Global. Being comfortable with identifying a client’s needs and communicating how Harper Global uniquely meets those needs is essential for success on our team.

Our home base is located in a quaint, historic building in downtown Noblesville (a suburb of Indianapolis) with no elevator, so those of us in the office get a workout just climbing the 3 flights of stairs. We also have a “Work in Your PJs” policy (a.k.a. remote work policy), so there is no need to live in or relocate to the Indy area. Many of our team members are scattered across the country, and even those in the area will often work from home. We don’t care where you do your job as long as you produce results! We want teammates who value the flexibility that we offer while also accepting the responsibility and accountability that comes with this independence. Be warned that most of our meetings are on video conference, so if you do work in your PJs, we are likely to mock you openly.